If you’re getting married anytime soon or even just day dreaming about your big day, I’m certain you’ve thought about the details and décor which will create your dream wedding that you and your loved ones will cherish forever. There is no better personal touch than a customized neon sign specifically tailored to you and your betrothed that not only adds intimacy, but creates a unique and trendy ambiance. More and more we’re seeing neon signs become a staple-mark must-have for any event, especially to hang as a backdrop for your sweetheart table, to create a one-of a-kind photo booth, and even as a welcome sign which will dazzle your guests. Below are some ideas to get your imagination flowing, but don’t feel shy to take your ideas to the next level and come up with a quote or hashtag that truly reflects you and your lover. After all, your wedding is a day which will radiate happiness and truly celebrate your love. The special glow of your custom neon sign won’t go out when the matrimonial celebrations are over, you can take it home with you to display as an eternal reminder of your vows and memories.  
  1. Happily Ever After

happily-ever-after-neon-sign-for-weddingsvia Google Images This timeless neon sign can be matched with just about any color scheme used for wedding décor. You can create a set-up similar to the one above as the shades of pink and rosé look stunning paired with the white mantle on the fireplace and bright glow of the white neon sign. The combination of flowers and the fairy-tale “Happily Ever After” allows for a perfect setting for not only the bride and groom to take photos-shoots, but for their eager guests as well.
  1. Crazy in Love

via  Pinterest In this photo we can see just how much the “Crazy in Love” neon sign livens up the darker colors chosen for this stunning sweet-heart table. Whether the couple are invoking Beyonce’s hit ‘Crazy in Love’ or are simply expressing their deep sentiments for each other, this sign truly creates a backdrop we can’t take our eyes off. You too can select your favorite love lyrics or quotes and have them custom-made to flow seamlessly with your wedding decorations.  Take it a step further and even create mini signs that can be used as center-pieces for your guests’ tables!
  1. I want you, I need you, I love you… Always.

i-want-you-i-need-you-i-love-you-always-neon-sign-for-weddingsvia Google Images Cute messages like these can be used as a décor all throughout the venue of your choice. From selecting the message of your choice to the color, shape and design, your options are limitless. Some bride and grooms even choose to include mini neon signs as the center-pieces of their guests’ tables!
  1. And so it begins…

and-so-it-begins-neon-sign-for-weddings via Reddit Wedding photos which incorporate a saying like this one offer an unforgettable detail surely to amaze your guests. Post-wedding these photos which feature your customized neon-sign can make an adorable gift or framed photograph to hang up in your new home. This photo embraces a 90’s themed décor and leaves us with an impression of timeless elegance.
  1. ‘Til Death

til-death-neon-sign-for weddings via Google til-death-neon-signvia Pinterest These breathtaking photos include the heartfelt “’Til Death” vow which we’re surely going to be seeing more and more during wedding ceremonies and celebrations. Be part of the savvy trend-setters and choose to have your favorite and meaningful message play a visual role in your nuptials.  You can go with just a few momentous words or an entire passage from your personal vows to each other.
  1. Just Married

just-married-neon-sign-for-weddingsvia Pinterest just-married-neon-signvia Reddit These adorable “Just Married” signs can be put up just about anywhere and in any setting. Neon signs are no longer just reserved for 70’s and 80’s themed atmospheres but are in constant demand at weddings, celebration events and even businesses. If you’re unsure whether or not you’d like to have your custom sign on display during the wedding reception, you can always arrange your sign to be included during your wedding photos taken prior to your wedding night celebrations.
  1. Fall in Love

fall-in-love-neon-sign-for-weddingsvia Google A glow like this one can brighten up ANY space and if you choose something similar to this charming sign at your wedding I promise your guests will be lining up for their chance to take their photo alongside it.
  1. Mr & Mrs

mr-and-mrs-neon-sign-for-weddingsvia Pinterest mr-and-mrs-neon-sign via Google Images Both these eye-catching signs feature a wooden backdrop but each embodies a different and distinct theme. While the first “Mr.&Mrs.” follow a classy-chic look, the second sign provides a playful opportunity for the guests of the wedding to sign their name and a personal message to the bride and groom. Each of these neon signs will make unforgettable keep-sakes and will hold the memories of your wedding night forever.  
  1. Heart Shapes

forever-neon-sign-for-weddingsvia Pinterest heart-neon-sign-for-weddingsvia Pinterest hear-neon-signvia Google Even a simple heart-shaped neon sign can be the center-piece to your wedding photos. This gorgeous bride couldn’t be happier next to her neon sign designed according to her wishes and who wouldn’t want a neon sign with the promise of forever written on it?
  1. I Will Always Love You

i-will-always-love-you-neon-sign-for-weddingsvia Pinterest If you’re hesitant whether your favorite quote will go with your wedding décor, just take a look at how this bride and groom incorporated their precious “I will always love you my friend’ in their wedding photos. A sign like this one may just be the final touch your wedding is missing before reaching the status of picture-perfect.
  1. Together Is A Beautiful Place To Be
together-neon-sign-for-weddingsvia Google Images Your options are truly endless when it comes to how to use your neon signs at your wedding. This intimate sign can capture the entire mood of your big night in just a few words and will certainly be irreplaceable once you and your guests fall under its spell.  

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