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Create your very own custom neon sign using our neon sign customizer. Choose from a great variety of colors, fonts and sizes. Delivered to your door within 15 days with a 2 year warranty.

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Neon Signs

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Established in 2018, Neonific was one of the first companies worldwide to specialize in the creation of custom LED neon signs. Since then, we have served over 7000 customers including the likes of Nike, RedBull, Lululemon and Yves Saint-Laurent just to name a few.

We are also proud to serve neon signs for homes all around the world. Whether it be for personal use or for business, we have you covered.

Neonific provides Neon signs in an endless range of colors, styles and sizes. We all know that first impressions are often times the most important, which is why we aim to deliver neon signs of the highest quality in order to make sure your business stands out from the competition.

Your hand-crafted custom neon sign will be delivered to your location within 15-20 days of placing your order, this varies based on the size and quantity of your custom neon sign order.

Here's how it works

Build Your Own Or Request A Quote

If you would like to design your custom neon sign from scratch, please use our custom neon sign builder. If you want a business logo made, or if you wish to use your own font, please request a quote.

Production Stage

Once we finish ironing out the final details of your custom design, we will immediately start working on your hand-crafted neon sign tailored to your exact specifications. Our promise is to build all signs with great love and care.

Ready To Ship

That’s it, your Neonific order is on its way! Please allow up to 10-15 days for your custom neon sign(s) to reach your destination. Congratulations, you’ve just added an amazing touch of character to your space!

Pre-Designed Styles

Browse our wide selection of neon signs that are a perfect addition to your business or home. We hand select each sign that is made from the highest quality materials for a superior end product. There's no better way to attract customers and customers than through colorful neon signs. Whether you're going for a nostalgic old-time Hollywood vibe, or something out of an 80s arcade, we have the perfect neon sign for you.

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Stylist foolist collection

Welcome to the world of the stylish foolish neon signs and other delightful and whimsical works. The collection is meant to delight and provoke our senses and tell quirky and timeless stories. What started as a casual endeavour to collect unique neon signs became a passion as stylistfoolish discovered that artists from all over the world were producing signs that could be as unique as their message.

This unique neon sign collection was designed by Christine Lambrinos. Find your fave and set the mood with these neon signs that illuminate your walls with a unique glow. It's not just art - it's how you share your passions to the world. Not only do these neon wall signs look good, they're also highly functional and durable.

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Icon Collection

Our Neon Icon Collection takes pop culture icons of our time and transforms them into fully illuminated works of art. Each icon is an accurate reproduction of the original, including its famous contours, colors, materials, trademarks and artistic nuances that have made it enduringly popular. Lit up in the dark each icon comes to life unlike anything you have ever seen before.

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Diamond Hands Collection

Diamond Hands is our collection of functional, fun LED neon signs that let you display your affinity for crypto or your favorite blockchain project. A leader in the production of top-quality neon signs for over 5 years, our vintage-style Crypto Signs have been expertly crafted from the finest materials to ensure they will be a statement piece in any bedroom, den, office or business.

Need a strategic low-key way to express your love for blockchain? Or do you simply want to make a statement with your interior decorating choices? Either way, Neonific has you covered. You’ll never walk into a room without getting questions about your favorite projects and perhaps even some hype and offers of investment. Be ready for this with your Crypto Neon Signs.

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