10 Non-Conventional Ways to Use Neon Signs

Business establishments have traditionally used neon signs as the focal point of their signage. There are many reasons why this is one of the most preferred materials for business signboards. This does not just look aesthetically pleasing the more you look at it; with this type of material, your business will also immediately grab peoples’ attention at a snap of a finger. Neon signs are spectacles for the eyes, and you will be hard pressed to find a business that would not grab the opportunity to get this type of signboard. Why Businesses Prefer Neon Signs for their Establishments No matter how big a business is, the chances of finding some type of neon signs outside or within their establishment are incredibly high. Virtually every major community has some type of neon signs within their vicinity. It isn’t hard to understand why this is so. Here are some of the reasons why people use neon signs in their business establishments:
  • Long shelf life
Neon signs have incredibly long shelf lives. When you use properly-designed neon lights, this material can last for years. Compared to normal light fixtures which only last for months, neon lights are practically unyielding.
  • Low energy utility
With neon signs’ bright lights, you might be surprised that they actually consume less electricity compared to traditional lights. This is because the light produced in neon lights are actually produced by the interaction of electricity with its gas. By using neon lights, you can actually have up to 70% energy savings.
  • Dynamism
Unlike other light sources, you can be creative with neon signs and neon light sources. You can use it in different kinds of applications, and it is not restricted to simply being static establishment signboards. 10 Creative Ways to Use Neon Signs and Light Fixtures The use of neon lights is not just limited to businesses signboards and advertisements. If you think hard enough, you can find limitless applications to this superbly dynamic material. From home décor to art installations, here are 10 non-conventional ways to use neon signs and light fixtures:
  • Bathroom décor
You might think that using neon lights as bathroom décor is impossible, but modern homes are actually integrating this type of décor in their contemporary spaces. The bright blue lights serve as effective accents in bathrooms, giving people a unique and refreshing experience inside one of the home’s most intimate spaces.
  • Nursery wall fixtures
You can add adventure and creativity to your child’s living space by integrating creative neon lights in their bedroom design. Spelling the alphabet or creating interesting characters? The only limit to your options is your imagination!
  • Accents on white walls
White on white used to be a big design faux pas, but contemporary designs are slowly becoming more open to bright wall installations. White neon lights on white walls will become one of the trendiest wall designs in the years to come.
  • Quotes on walls
Looking for a fresh way to captivate your visitors with impactful words? Installing neon lights and neon signs as wall art designs can be a good way to spruce up your drabby walls.
  • Shape outlines
You can utilize neon signs as outlines to creative wall designs and accents. This does not just add a pop of color to your wall. But it also puts emphasis on your chosen wall accent.
  • One-of-a-kind focal lights
Another interesting way to utilize neon signs is by using them as a focal light fixture in your living space. Since this material is incredibly dynamic and flexible, you can shape it in almost any way you want. This makes for an interesting light centerpiece in any kind of home.
  • Decorative art piece
As mentioned, neon signs can be molded into various shapes and designs. You can try to shape this to imitate human form, or you may opt to randomly make a cool abstract design. No matter what you choose to do, your decorative art piece will definitely be something unique only to you.
  • Location markers
Neon signs can be used as location markers on dimly-lighted spaces. Whether for spelling where you are or using it as a sign to the right direction, you can create a wide range of location market types with neon signs.
  • House numbers
Looking for an effective way to mark your house number even as the sun begins to set? Why not install neon signs to serve as your house numbers?
  • House outlines
During Christmas and other festive activities, you can use neon lights and neon signs to outline your home and serve as a good decorative installation. As neon lights are energy-efficient, you wouldn’t need to break the bank when choosing this lavish and grand home design. Get Creative with your Neon Signs now! Spruce up your living space now with neon signs and light fixtures. Try some of our non-conventional neon sign installations and see how this can transform your home! You can contact Neonific at 1-888-530-6366 to talk about your next neon sign project!