Caring for Your Neon Signs

Now that you have finally acquired your custom neon sign, it is time to learn how to properly maintain it. Neon signs are incredibly durable and long-lasting, but that does not mean that it is not vulnerable to damages brought about by lack of care and maintenance. If you want to prolong the life of your establishment’s neon sign, you need to know how to take great care of this lighting material. Taking Care of Your Neon Signs Installing neon signs is a flashy way to drive attention to your business without looking too tacky or overbearing. As this is a classic fixture used by multitudes of businesses, you can never go wrong when you opt for this type of material. Almost anywhere you look, you will find neon signs similar to what you may have. At the same time, you will also see that there are numerous establishments offering care and maintenance services to your neon signs, all sharing the goal of prolonging the lifespan of your light. Buying neon signs is undoubtedly effortless, but making sure that they last for a long time is easier said than done. You cannot expect a neon sign to last for a long time if you do not know to how use it properly. It would also not stand the test of time if you leave it unattended for a long period of time. Caring for neon signs require the perfect balance between letting it be and taking it in. How to Responsibly Use Your Neon Signs If you just purchased your neon signs for your business, you have a long way to go in terms of responsibly using the material for optimal use. Here are some of the things you should do to prolong the lifespan of your neon sign:
  • Do not constantly plug and unplug your neon sign.
If you have no prior experience to using neon signs, you may think that prolonged use is dangerous and unwise. After all, overheating is one of the biggest problems of any lighting fixture worldwide. Assuming that neon signs are the same is a logical conclusion to make. However, neon signs are an entirely different brand of lighting fixtures. Unless it is being cleaned or repaired, you should refrain from unplugging your neon signs during the night. Doing so puts more pressure on the neon sign’s transformer, and it can actually be the reason for the deterioration of your neon sign. Leave your neon sign alone if there is no pressing need to turn it off. Do not fret: your electricity bill will not be greatly affected if you leave your neon sign on.
  • Be smart about the placement of your neon sign.
This should need no further explanation. Finding the perfect placement for your neon sign is a must, especially if you want to keep it out of peoples’ reach. By putting it in a safe place, you lessen the possibility of accidents and disasters. Being smart about the placement of your neon sign also means that you must put it in a place safe from external elements like water and extreme heat. If you are planning to expose your neon sign to such elements, you must make sure that your lights are properly protected by special plastic coverings.
  • Remove dust from your neon tubes.
Neon sign maintenance does not have to be done every day. For this type of lighting fixture, you can perform general cleaning at least once every month by doing safe and quick dusting techniques. However, you must make sure that you turn off the neon signs and unplug them properly before you start cleaning.
  • Make sure that your neon signs remain bug-free.
Whether indoors or outdoors, your neon sign can be vulnerable to bug attacks and outbreaks. While the possibility of a bug attack is considerably less when you have indoor neon signs, it does not automatically translate to having no problems with bug infestations at all. Bugs are known to enter even the smallest crevices in any establishment, and your bright neon signs can serve as the perfect space for their next breeding ground. If left alone, these bug colonies can grow and destroy your prized possessions, lessen the building integrity of your establishment, and even drive customers away! Make sure that this does not become a possibility by keeping bugs away from your neon signs. Learn How to Properly Handle Your Neon Signs Now! Neon signs are incredibly stable and durable, but this does not mean that you can neglect to maintain your neon fixtures constantly. As much as possible, dedicate a small amount of your time to the maintenance of your neon signs. This ensures that your neon signs will continue to function at an optimal level, all while consuming less energy compared to most lighting fixtures. Follow these tips now to make your neon signs stand the test of time!