Light Up Your Wedding This Year With Cool Neon Signs!

Light Up Your Wedding This Year With Cool Neon Signs! - Neonific

Are you still going through the planning phase of your wedding? You may have shortlisted a few venues, talked to some of the popular caterers in your town and even booked the photographer and videographer. But what about the decorations at the wedding venue? You will probably choose flowers because that's what the tradition says. Your partner may also choose candles and lights to decorate the venue. However, that's all so traditional and clichéd. Of course, we are not saying you shouldn’t go with the traditional flow, but why not try something new that will startle everyone?

With wedding decorations constantly evolving, you should try something innovative for your special day. And when it comes to innovation and unique wedding decorations, there are very few things that can beat neon lights. At Neonific, we can light up your wedding with our custom wedding LED neon signs, making your wedding venue look like a star-studded palace. Neon wedding signs provide that unexpected décor option that modernizes your big-day venue.

Custom Neon Signs For Weddings


Neon signs became massively popular in the 1980s. However, they were gas neon lights that didn’t have the brightness that LED neon lights have these days. They soon faded out in a few years because of their high cost and maintenance.

At Neonific, we have tons of pre-designed wedding neon signs that you can choose from. Over the years, we have gained experience from lighting up different wedding venues, and that gave us an idea of the possible signs that couples may want. For example, many couples like to install a neon light right at the entrance of the venue saying, "Just Married." We have plenty of designs available for these because we know they are in hot demand right now. Another common neon light for weddings we often provide is "Happily Ever After."

Apart from pre-designed wedding neon signs, you can also order customized neon signs for your wedding. We provide an endless range of styles, sizes, and colors that can light up your wedding venue the way you want. Many couples want to have themed weddings these days. For example, a couple had a Game of Thrones-themed wedding in 2019 where they used dim neon lights to give that dark imagery of the show. They purposely asked to make flickering lights so that it resembled the darkness the show projected.

You can have similar cool neon signs at your wedding too. One of the most common requests we get for customized neon signs is to write the name of the couple. For example, "Mr. and Mrs. Johnson." This gives a personalized effect to your wedding decoration. Moreover, with the other decorations around, the cool neon signs will give a new outlook to the venue. Contrary to gas neon lights, LED neon signs last longer and you can take the customized versions back home. They don’t consume too much energy. Many couples install them right outside their house or indoors to decorate their house.

The thing about neon signs is it immediately attracts the attention of the guests. They come to your wedding thinking that it will have the same type of decorations like the wedding they attended at their other relative's wedding last month. However, you can surprise them with our neon signs. From pre-designed signs to customized counterparts, we have hundreds of options available to give a different lighting dimension to your wedding.

Advantages Of LED Neon Signs


With your wedding just around the corner, you may have tons of things to do, such as get your wedding dress ready, talk to the makeup artist, finalize the menu and various other things. You may not have time to think about why you should have LED neon signs for your wedding. Well, here's a quick look at some of the benefits of using cool neon signs that should encourage you to call us immediately and place an order.

1. Enhanced Lighting Effects

Wedding venues look charming with appropriate lights around. In this era of LED lights, even decorators will suggest using LED lights to give a dynamic effect to your wedding venue. The reason why everyone is shifting to LED lights is they have plenty of color variations that can make the venue look incredible. That's where we fit in. We can make the venue look even more stunning with our neon lights. For example, if your wedding has a coral-blue theme, we can match that and make customized neon signs.

We understand that many couples like to have the natural lighting effect using different types of candles. As romantic as they look, they still have chances of blowing off. You may have to tell one of your friends and relatives to keep lighting the candles if they blow off suddenly. This is an added headache for everyone. While we are not against this idea, we want your wedding to look like a dream. And in that dream, we can play a small part to enhance the venue's lighting effects. If you are not sure, you can take a look at some of the neon lights we have already designed for previous weddings.

2. Affordable Lighting Option

We all know that weddings are becoming increasingly expensive these days. No one can deny that fact. No matter how hard you try to cut the costs, you can't bring the total expenditure within your budget. Whether it is the caterer, wedding venue, florist, or decorator, no one will budge from their asking price by even a dime. We understand how difficult it is for you to plan everything and then modify those plans according to your budget. That is why we charge a reasonable amount for our neon signs.

Our objective is to light up your wedding in such a way that guests will leave with an expression of awe on their faces. Neonific considers customers as guests. Just like you treat your guests at your wedding, we treat our customers as esteemed guests, and it is our responsibility to keep you happy. We are confident that our lighting options will light up your eyes and you will want to hire us immediately.

Many decorators charge highly to decorate a wedding venue. Yes, they do a terrific job but you also need to keep an eye on the total cost. If you want to cut down on the lighting costs, we are here to help you. Our cool neon signs don’t cost a fortune. Plus, you can rent a few of the common wedding signs instead of customizing them. We will be happy to show you the different lighting styles we have. After going through our catalog and price list, feel free to compare the cost with other companies and decorators. We are confident that no one can match the quality and price that we offer.

3. Surprise For Guests

We believe that the ultimate objective to have a grand wedding is to make sure that everyone has a good time. Neonific wants to take that belief to the next level by surprising your guests right from the moment they enter the wedding venue. Want to know how? Guests usually expect to see a well-lit entrance when they reach the venue. You may have floral decorations on the gates and a welcome sign for everyone. We want to enhance that decoration and make it brighter and more beautiful.

Our neon lights will serve as the perfect backdrop to the floral decorations. If you have any confusion, you can check out some of the neon lights we already used in the previous wedding. They look absolutely gorgeous. Most importantly, we have a plethora of styles, colors, and designs for your wedding's welcome sign. Your guests would certainly not expect to see such a stunning sign as they step out of their cars. That's where you win most of the points.

Going past the welcome sign, you can have customized signs near the aisle with your partner's surname. For example, "Mr. and Mrs. Taylor." That is another area that most people don’t pay attention to because they are busy decorating the wedding platform. We advise you not to light the Mr. and Mrs. sign until you get married.

Another sign that you have is on the altar. You can go for "Happily Married" or "Just Married." Again, we have plenty of designs and color variations you can choose from. And again, don’t light that sign unless you exchange your vows and the priest declares you husband and wife. Instruct one of the decorating guys to light that sign as soon as the priest finishes his prayers. This will have a long-lasting impression on your guests. It's a rare decorative idea that couples tend to ignore because they are busy planning other things for their wedding.

We believe that small things can make your wedding spectacular. Neonific promises that even the smallest neon sign can light up your wedding and make it look magnificent at night. After all, we wholeheartedly want your wedding to be a grand success. And it will be an honor to be a small part of that success so that your guests praise your decorative ideas.


How We Work

We understand that you might want to research thoroughly about wedding neon signs before placing your order. And we encourage you to do that because it will help you understand why we are the best in this business. Here's what you need to do to get a customized neon sign for your wedding.

Request A Quote

You will get a detailed form where you need to fill out as many details as possible. Apart from your name and email, make sure you fill out the other details carefully, such as the text you want us to design, the size of the text, type of font, color of the neon sign, and the type of background you need for the sign. Once we have all these details, we will send you a quotation within 24 hours.

After comparing the quotations, you can decide to proceed with us. We assure you that our price is almost unbeatable if you compare the quality of the neon signs.

Production Stage

As soon as you give us confirmation, we will send your request to our designing team. They will create a 3D image of the type of sign you want. It helps us understand how the sign will look after completing it. Since we handcraft every neon sign, you can have faith in our designers and production team. We iron-finish custom designs so that they last for decades.

Our designing team works tirelessly to get every specification right for your wedding. We wish if our customers could see the love and care we put into making each and every neon sign. It gives us great joy to see couples using our neon signs on their wedding venues. This is a feeling that we can’t describe in words. Our production team puts their best efforts to ensure that you not only feel happy with the sign on your wedding day but also in the years to come. After all, you will have to keep the sign with you after the big day.

Ready To Ship

Once we finish handcrafting your LED neon sign, we will send a message on your mobile about the approximate delivery date. Usually, it takes 10 to 20 days for our custom neon signs to reach your location. You can constantly track your order from our site.

And that's it! You now have cool neon signs for your wedding that can surprise everyone and make them say "WOW." That's the kind of reaction we long to see from your guests. You too, would want your guests to praise the idea of adding a neon sign at your wedding. This unique little decorative idea can make an ordinary wedding extraordinary. Therefore, we hope to see you place your order soon.