Why You Should Use Neon Signs in Your Gaming Room

Whether you’re a casual player or a professional gamer, your gaming room is your sanctuary—your place to immerse yourself in your favorite games and forget the outside world.

And while there are a ton of ways you can customize your gaming room setup, one great way to add personality and functionality to your gaming room is to install gaming neon signs.

Long associated with old-timey cinemas and storefronts, neon signs have made a strong comeback in recent years. Millennials and Gen Z alike are customizing their rooms with cool neon signs at a growing rate, since they enhance the aesthetic appeal and ambient lighting in these environments.

Some custom neon sign makers—like Neonific—even allow you to customize your LED neon signs. This lets you inject your personality and interests into your neon signs.

Still not convinced you should install custom LED neon signs in your gaming room? These five reasons might make you change your mind!

5 Reasons Why You Should Install Aesthetic Neon Signs in Your Gaming Room

Creates an aesthetically pleasing gaming environment

If you have a deep passion for gaming, your gaming room should be the ultimate expression of your creativity and commitment to your hobby.

There’s no limit to the types of customizations you can make: You can customize your computers and consoles, your desks and chairs, your gaming accessories, and everything in between. What’s important is that you’re comfortable and have everything you need to play the games you want.

To further personalize your gaming environment, consider adding action figures, your favorite collectibles, posters and paintings, and maybe even a small refrigerator where you can store chilled drinks and snacks. You may choose to follow a specific theme to pull all of your ideas together.

Don’t forget to add even more personality to your gaming den by adding LED neon signs to your walls.

Neonific carries an impressive collection of neon signs for your gaming room. These neon signs would look cool on the wall directly above your monitor, or even on the wall opposite your monitor. This way, when you share your screen with other players, you’ll leave a lasting impression and make a strong statement.

Fills the room with ambient lighting

Neon signs aren’t just cool statement pieces since they also help fill your gaming room with ambient lighting.

Proper lighting will help you create an immersive experience that limits distractions and enhances concentration. For pro gamers who participate in tournaments, lighting can literally mean the difference between success and failure.

Natural light isn’t great for gaming since the brightness can obscure your monitors and ruin your focus. Professional video gamers prefer to illuminate their gaming rooms with RGB lighting, like LED strips, RGB lamps, and RGB light bars.

RGB lighting comes in many colors and you can control the brightness and colors. This allows you to create an ambient gaming environment filled with glowing (rather than glaring) light sources.

Sets the right mood and helps you stay focused

Numerous studies have shown that the color and temperature of lighting has a direct impact on your mood and focus.

If you play to win, consider illuminating your gaming room with cool lighting sources to increase your focus and motivation. You should also choose cool colors (such as white, blue, and green) for your custom neon signs. You’ll be surprised how much better you’ll play when you’re surrounded by the proper lighting colors and temperature.

Creates a professional look

If you’re a professional gamer or run a gaming YouTube channel, you’ll know that presentation matters as much as performance. Add a professional stamp to your background by installing neon lights on the wall behind your monitor.

At Neonific, you can customize your neon signs—right down to the designs, fonts, styles, colors, and sizes. If you or your team have a logo or slogan, you can turn this into a neon sign that you can proudly display in your background. This allows you to brand your channel even further and create new opportunities to promote branded merch.

Accentuates key elements in your gaming room

LED neon signs can also function as accent lighting. Do you have a prized action figure, poster, or other objects that you want to highlight? While you could use RGB lamps, overhead lights, or RGB light bars to accentuate these key elements, a neon sign can perform the job just as well.

Purchase Custom LED Gaming Neon Signs at Neonific

Neon signs aren’t just a creative form of gaming room decoration, as they also help gamers perform at their best. Neonific allows you to customize your own neon signs for gaming rooms via the neon builder tool. This tool allows you to customize your neon sign’s colors, font, and size.

To commission a custom design, or recreate an iconic neon sign, visit our Send Us Your Design page. If you’re looking for trendy pre-made designs, browse our various collections.

Whether they’re meant for your gaming room, home, or business establishment, you’re sure to find the right LED neon sign at Neonific.