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Ride the Wave of Pop Culture: The Neonific Icon Collection

Capture the Essence of Pop Icons with a Twist

Introducing the Neonific Icon Collection – a striking array of LED neon skateboard signs, each showcasing a different pop culture icon in a unique and dazzling way. Measuring at 90cm x 23cm, these signs combine the rugged charm of skateboarding with the timeless allure of pop culture, creating a perfect blend that adds a touch of rebellion and cool to any space. The neon contours the skateboard, while the pop icons come to life through UV printing on the acrylic backboard, resulting in a visually stunning piece of art.

Quality and Durability Meets Energy Efficiency

The Neonific Icon Collection is not just about visual appeal; it is a testament to quality, durability, and energy efficiency. The high-quality photographic printing onto the acrylic board ensures that every detail of the pop icons is captured with precision and clarity. Additionally, the illuminated product is extremely durable and boasts a long-lasting lifespan of 40,000 hours or more, guaranteeing you a timeless piece of art that shines bright. All the while, the low energy consumption of the LED lights ensures that your space is illuminated without a hefty energy bill or environmental impact.

Hassle-Free Installation

At Neonific, we believe in combining style with convenience. Each skateboard sign in the Icon Collection is designed for simplicity and ease of installation, plugging straight into a standard wall socket. This means you can effortlessly bring the vibrant energy of pop culture and the cool vibes of skateboarding into your space, without any complicated setup.

Create a Space That Stands Out

The Neonific Icon Collection is all about making a statement and creating a space that reflects your love for pop culture and skateboarding. Each sign serves as a bold backdrop, instantly elevating the ambiance of your room and leaving a lasting impression on all who see it. Whether you’re looking to add a touch of cool to your living room, create a unique display in your store, or gift a fellow pop culture enthusiast, these skateboard signs are the perfect choice.

Discover Your Icon

With a range of designs featuring different pop culture icons, the Neonific Icon Collection offers something for everyone. Dive into the collection and find the sign that resonates with you, choosing from a variety of styles that capture the spirit of pop culture and skateboarding in a unique and captivating way.

Join the Neon Revolution

Don’t miss out on the chance to make a bold statement with the Neonific Icon Collection. Browse through the range today and choose the LED neon skateboard sign that speaks to you, adding an extra layer of cool and rebellion to your space. With exceptional quality, durability, and ease of installation, our Icon Collection stands as the perfect addition for anyone looking to celebrate pop culture in style.

Experience the fusion of pop culture and skateboarding like never before with the Neonific Icon Collection!