Artsakh Strong Neon Sign


On September 27th 2020, the native people of Artsakh were rudely awakened by violent gunfire and shelling perpetrated by the Azerbaijani military forces. For 1 month and 2 weeks from that date, civilians were shelled day after day and over 2400 Armenian soldiers perished defending the lands they had been living on for thousands of years. As a result, over 75,000 families were forced to flee their homes as a result of ethnic cleansing and a modern day genocide. 

We pledge to donate 100% of the profits from this piece to the displaced families of Artsakh in order to provide shelter, food and other life essentials. The funds will be sent to the All Armenian Fund ( as well as Canada4Artsakh, an organization that has Canadian Diasporan boots on the ground, helping the families in need directly. 

Please note that no discount code can be applied for this item, since all profits are being donated for a humanitarian cause. 

Dimensions: 2.5x2.2 feet

Colour: Cool White

Includes: Neon sign, power adapter, dimmer, remote control.