Neon signs are a classic and will always be a customer favorite. They can be incredibly helpful to a business, thanks to their ability to attract potential patrons. We can all agree that neon signs make people more curious because of its nostalgic appeal. 

Are you looking to have your own neon sign created for your storefront? Perhaps you’re looking for some inspiration from stores all over the country? Check out some of the best neon signs in Texas.

  1. Matt’s El Rancho Restaurant



Since 1952, Matt’s El Rancho Restaurant has been serving top-of-the-line Mexican cuisine in Austin. They have mastered the art of Mexican-style appetizers, meals, and drinks that you can only find here. This particular eatery has established itself as the go-to Tex-Mex destination, rising in popularity over the years. 

If you actually look at their menu from way back in 1952, you’ll notice that the meals have barely changed. This is why many consider them to be a pioneer of the Tex-Mex industry. The Bob Armstrong dip, fresh lime juice margaritas, and seafood dishes were all introduced by Matt’s El Rancho Restaurant. If you find yourself in Austin, don’t forget to pass by this classic Tex-Mex bistro!

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  1. Lammes’ Candies



The hopeless romantics of Texas are very much familiar with Lammes’ Candies as well as the huge candy cane neon sign that welcomes its patrons. Founded by William Wirt Lamme in 1878, this candy store has evolved into the famous location that is today. 

With various branches found all over Texas, you can’t doubt that they have built a name for themselves. 

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  1. Quarry Cinema



Known as one of Texas’ most popular movie theatres, the Quarry Cinema is a real crowd favorite. It has always been a hit with movie lovers since its opening in 2005. Don’t forget to take a picture of the glowing neon lights of this San Antonio, Texas darling of a place.

  1. The Rollercade



The Rollercade has one of the most enticing and inviting neon signs in the city of San Antonio. What adds to its appeal is its 70s roller disco theme complete with its array of fun music selections. If you’re looking for a fun Saturday night out, The Rollercade invites you to spend your time with them! 

Skate with your buddies, get private skating lessons, and even hold parties at this venue. Feel like you just got transported back in time when you come inside The Rollercade. It’s a definite cult classic, dating back from its establishment in the 1950s.

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  1. San Antonio Museum of Art