8 Top Restaurant Décor Trends 2019

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With the coming of 2019 comes also an array of exciting trends in restaurant decor, some familiar and others not so familiar. What I can promise, is you are guaranteed to see these trends in almost every hot-spot restaurant, and most definitely proudly posted everywhere on Instagram. Coming in as the Number One Restaurant Decor trend in 2019 are the eye-catching and irresistible neon signs you've been seeing everywhere lately.

Design trends can change drastically from year to year, but neon signs are a timeless piece which will sky-rocket in demand this 2019. Restaurants all compete to create that winning social atmosphere which allows you and your company to truly enjoy your dining experience and comfortably stay throughout the night.

It is the design and efforts put into the ambiance that will bring the ‘wow’ factor to your restaurant and create that Instagram worthy photo so high in demand in the food-industry right now. From lighting to re-used furniture, it’s a battle amongst décor trends for the winning spot in consumers hearts and at in 2019 it’s neon signs which bring all that to the table.


  1. Neon Signs
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Maybe you haven’t noticed them yet but neon signs are just about everywhere these days. Once you start to pay attention to your surroundings in just about any area, neon signs are unavoidable to your field of vision. For decades neon signs have been hung up outside restaurants to lure their customers in, but recently neon signs have been used inside as a work of art to be hung on the wall and enjoyed throughout a delectable meal or soirée.

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The art of neon signs has took on an entirely new meaning, and is seen in restaurants of all genres from your local burger joint to an up-scale supper club or high-end cocktail bar. One thing is for sure, neon signs will be all the rage this in the realm of restaurant décor in 2019.

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2. Urban Jungle

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There’s been a recent surge in plants and foliage in restaurants that isn’t new to 2019 but nonetheless holds its position strong as a preferred trend, and is here to stay. As director of design at The Johnson Studio Ray Chung says “There is growing research on the positive health effects of seeing and being around greenery”. While countless restaurants will incorporate some of the outdoors inside their dining rooms, not all eateries will go to the extent of growing their herbs on-site which is a display in itself to the curious and hungry customer.

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3. Incorporating Local Art

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More and more we see restaurants with the desire to connect in more dept with their community and local talent. Although this trend of collecting and displaying local art has been seen in coffee shops for some time, it’s only in 2019 that local art is truly beginning to be appreciated on a larger scale. Restaurants are proud to display their local communities’ designs and talents which can range in forms of a photograph, a painting, a poem, a sculpture or even unique light fixtures and exhibit.

4. Multi-Use, Eco-Friendly, Up-Cycle Items

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This list couldn’t be complete without including an environmentally friendly décor trend that restaurants will be incorporating all throughout 2019. The new trend of “up-cycling” can be understood as the creative re-use of any object, and in the context of a restaurant can range from re-cycled tables, chairs, mirrors, picture frames, to doors and signs.

Not only is up-cycling on the rise, but so is furniture and objects that can serve multiple uses and functions such as moveable and adaptable pieces. So don’t be surprised when you start to see mis-matched colored furniture, candle-holders and other pre-loved vintage pieces everywhere… this trend is sure to win the hearts for customers yearning for a style that’s out of the box.

5. Unique Finishes and Upholstery

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A love of bright colors and unique textile finishes such as upholstery will flourish in 2019 paired with overall warmer colored tones. Upholstered walls and booths will be stars in 2019 and so will anything that contributes to the personality and warmth of a space.

Upholstered restaurant booths bring a cozy touch as well as a unique textured finish (not to mention it provides sound absorption). These upholstered booths can also answer to the demand for more custom-seating plans and the problem of creating more seating space. Walls and ceilings which feature different types of finishes will add an accent to any restaurant space and is a trend on the rise in 2019.


6. Maximalism

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You might not have heard of the term Maximalism before, but like you would think, it is quite the opposite of minimalism (a style or technique emphasized with great simplicity). Minimalism has long been appreciated in the art world, but it is now the maximalist way to go about things which mean extravagance and statement pieces are used in excess. Maximalism can be characterized by oversized chandeliers, over-the-top objects and statement accessories such as lamps and mirrors. Ornate textiles and fabrics have made their comeback and will be seen used in various different restaurant settings.

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7. Retro Vibes

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In 2019 we’ll see the retro trend take a leading role, mostly taking its influence from the styles of retro in the late sixties and early seventies rather than the retro from the fifties which has been over-used the past few years. This will leave us with a more toned-down approach to retro with the use of a softer color palette ranging from warm brown and burnt orange, complemented by rich creams and deep greens. This color tone will also be coupled with excessive chrome, exposed metal and glass.

8. Rustic Look

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The use of rustic décor brings a sense of cozy ambiance and invites us in bringing reminders of going to our grand-mothers house. Rustic furniture in restaurants can range from being a light-colored wood such as oak, to being dark and chunky, probably combined with wooden benches for a truly authentic rustic experience.

It’s fitting that rustic vibes are popular in 2019 because it goes with the health trend of eating wholesome foods, and with the old-school rustic furniture will remind you of eating at home.

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