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LED neon signs are not just illuminating fixtures; they're pivotal in capturing customer attention, day or night. Their vibrant glow enhances visibility, making a business stand out in a crowded marketplace. Beyond attraction, neon signs are powerful branding tools, reflecting a company's identity and ethos through bespoke designs and colors. At Neonific, we specialize in crafting custom neon signs tailored to the specific needs of businesses across industries. Our expertise lies in transforming your vision into a glowing reality, ensuring that each sign perfectly aligns with your brand's message and aesthetic, thereby maximizing its impact and your business’s presence.

Wide range of options for your light-up business signs

Tacos all Day led neon sign, with 1 year warranty, safe & efficient, bespoke customization, plug & play installation

Why Neonific?

1. Safe & Energy Efficient:

Neonific's LED neon signs offer enhanced safety and energy efficiency. They operate at cool temperatures, significantly reduce electricity usage, and are eco-friendly, blending safety with sustainability and cost-effectiveness.

2. 1-Year Warranty:

Neonific stands behind the quality of our LED neon signs with a robust 1-year warranty, guaranteeing protection against material and workmanship defects, ensuring customer satisfaction and trust.

3. Bespoke Customization:

Neonific specializes in bespoke customization, allowing clients to tailor their LED neon signs with personalized designs, a spectrum of colors, and various sizes, perfectly aligning with individual preferences and spaces.

4. Plug & Play Installation:

Enjoy the simplicity of Neonific’s LED neon signs with our user-friendly plug-and-play installation. It's designed for effortless setup, enabling you to quickly light up your space without needing professional assistance.

Wide application for your business LED neon signs

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Frequently Asked Questions

What's in the box: Your custom neon sign, power cord, screws, remote control, dimmer, transformer
What's in the box

As Easy As Plug & Play

  • Your Custom-Made LED Neon Sign
  • Power cord (6ft)
  • Power Adapter (12V)
  • Dimmer & Remote Control
  • Wall Mounting Kit

Customer Reviews

Based on 36 reviews

Purchasing with Neonific has been an absolute pleasure! From getting a quote to a customized neon sign to the shipping process, it has been a great purchasing experience!! I highly recommend Neonific if anyone wants to order a neon sign!! Thank you!! 1000% recommend!!

Amandine D
Enseigne sur mesure telle que dessinée

Très satisfaite j'ai envoyé un dessin technique avec les dimensions et le style désiré, le tout a été livré rapidement et exactement comme souhaité. Je referrai affaire avec eux pour de prochains projets sans hésiter.

Miranda ballantyne
Incredible service and incredible work

Now if I made getting our signage for an upcoming event, fast and reliable. Alvin was absolutely incredible and any time we checked in, he was there to support. The quality of the signs is amazing and we are so so happy with the work done. We would recommend neonific to everyone and will work with them again

Matt Brock

Excellent quality, beautiful colouring and quick shipping. Thank you Neonific!

Wiktoria Bojarska

Loved everything about it