8 Of the Coolest Neon Signs Around The World

Neon signs are generally hip and cool with their vintage and retro appeal. They have been lighting up our streets since the mid-20th century. Although they may have experienced a decline in the past six decades, these wonderful creations are making a comeback. What makes neon signs even more amazing is that these signs are handmade. No machines are needed to make them. They are a product of pure artistry and talent, as well as patience and skills. Add to that the danger of working on high heat, you will appreciate every neon sign that you see on your next road trip.

Here Are 8 of the Coolest Neon Signs Around the World

Around the world, neon signs continue to glow especially along the busiest streets. Attractive and colorful, they sure can get your attention, making them good for brand recall. Here are some of the coolest neon signs around the world that have become landmarks and that everyone ought to see and visit.
  1. The EAR Inn
Located in the historic James Brown House, the Ear Inn is one of the oldest drinking bars in New York City. The neon sign that came with the building basically said Bar. The business is called Ear Inn, and the management just painted out some glass on the B to form the letter E. It is one of the oldest bars in New York City, which makes it one of the coolest place to meet with friends and grab a beer and burger.
  1. Circus Liquor
The Circus Liquor sign in Los Angeles, California is a classic. It shows a 32-foot neon clown selling wine and liquor. This towering neon clown is considered a landmark of North Hollywood. Some may even call it nightmare-inducing: just imagine driving by this glowing giant clown at night. It is a half-century old signage, making it a testament to the durability of neon signs.
  1. Blue Swallow Motel
In Tucumcari, New Mexico, this family-owned motel has been welcoming weary motorists since 1939. A staple of Route 66, this place maintained its retro vibe by maintaining its original bathroom fixture, rotary telephones, and of course, its iconic neon sign.
  1. Little Bao
The pink little “Neon Baby” of Little Bao in Hong Kong is a cut above the other neon signs. It is wordless and simple, making it distinct and unforgettable. Little Bao’s pink Buddha baby is proof that the simplest things, if done right, can get the job done.
  1. Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas
Probably the most famous neon sign in the world, it is incredibly accessible, making it a favorite background or subject of a photo op. People can stand just beneath it and marvel at the beauty of this neon sign. The area around the sign has become sort of a pocket park. When leaving Las Vegas, the back part of the sign has another message: “Drive carefully. Come back soon.” People usually do always come back to fabulous Las Vegas.
  1. The Pink Elephant Car Wash Sign
Considered as the most photographed attraction in Seattle, this rotating sign is located a block away from the Space Needle, in the middle of Seattle. The Elephant Super Car Wash started in 1951 and has become a popular landmark. The Car Wash establishment offers exceptional full-service car washes to its patrons, making it a Puget Sound tradition.
  1. Sammy’s Kitchen
The iconic cow of Sammy’s Kitchen neon signage has become a landmark for 37 years, popular with locals and tourists alike. However, after it was deemed as an illegal structure, it was removed. The sign was saved and is now part of a local museum in HongKong.
  1. Moulin Rouge
The historical cabaret first opened in 1889 and has been a smash hit ever since. Notable persons, from celebrities to royalty could not resist the charms of this place. Its iconic red neon windmill in the heart of Paris’ red light district continues to attract patrons and guests. After more than 100 years, the Moulin Rouge is still celebrating and living the Parisian life. Get a Neon Sign for your Business Establishment! Consider getting a neon sign for your business and get only reputable neon sign artisans to do your signage. These craftsmen do not only do signs for business. They consider each signage close to art. Each neon sign is a masterpiece, and careful design planning and tube bending is done to achieve the desired result. Having a reputable and experienced neon sign artist do your signage also ensures the safety and quality of your neon sign. A neon sign can add that retro flair to your establishment. It is an effective way to attract motorists and passersby to drop by. Used indoors, neon signs can provide a warm and nostalgic feel to your place. It also gives your customers and guests a perfect spot and backdrop for a photo op, immortalizing their amazing experience in your business establishment. You can contact Neonific at 1-888-530-6366 to talk about your next neon sign project!