The Best Neon Signs in California

Neon signs are great. They have an uncanny way of lighting up any glum street, or livening up any somber establishment. Neon signs have a certain flair that make them hard to ignore. Maybe it’s the way the dazzling light hits the eyes, or the sloping and curving quality of the bulbs coupled with all the colors. No matter what that factor is, it’s undeniable that neon signs are a great way of catching people’s attention. Another thing to note about neon lights is how they can look modern, but retro at the same time. It’s a bit of a throwback to the old 70s or 80s streets, which a lot of people are appreciating more now and are trying to bring back. California has had its share of memorable neon signs in the past. A lot of them still stand today, and there are many more signs put up that have the same eye-catching qualities of the older ones. Here are some of them.

7 of the Most Eye-Catching Neon Signs in California

  1. Santa Monica Pier arch
custom-neon-sign-santa-monica The Santa Monica Pier has been around since 1909, but the sign wasn’t installed until much later on in the 1940s. Just try to imagine the pier without this sign! This list wouldn’t be complete without the world-famous Santa Monica Pier sign. This endlessly-photographed sign’s lights stand out against the night sky more so than most neon lights. That’s just a testament to how well-made and iconic this sign is. No nighttime stroll or touristy photo in the pier is complete without it.
  1. All the lights in Pacific Park at the Santa Monica Pier
custom-neon-sign-santa-monica-pacific-park Again, this one’s pretty much a given. Pacific Park has been around for decades, and is a very well-loved place by locals. It has also become a California icon, and has been used as a filming set for hundreds of films and TV series. The array of lights and sounds, coupled with the moving rides, booths, and people all contribute to the very lively ambiance of the place.
  1. The Felix Chevrolet Neon Sign
felix-custom-neon-signs-usa This now-iconic sign of the famous cartoon cat has been up since the 1950s, and since then has become a standard sight in Figueroa. Unfortunately, the sign has been converted in 2012 from neon to LED. This sparked a protest from numerous protesters calling to bring back the old neon bulbs for old Felix. This just shows how memorable the old sign was.
  1. Castro Theatre, San Francisco
castro-theatre-custom-neon-signs-california The Castro Theatre is an iconic and historic landmark with an equally iconic sign. Built in 1922, this theater has experienced a long and rich history. Nowadays, it’s mostly used for screening movies and holding numerous international film festivals. Take note though that many of these film festivals are very prestigious, which is further proof of just how special the Castro Theatre is. The neon sign, along with the theatre’s façade, was renovated in 2008 for the filming of the Academy Award-winning movie Milk.
  1. 500 Club neon sign
500-club-custom-neon-signs-united-states The 500 Club’s neon sign is definitely a memorable one. The bright splash of color against a dark sky really catches you eye. The giant Martini glass somewhat gives a nice preview of the good times that you’ll experience inside. This bar has been around for many years, and is certainly well-loved by locals. It’s seen its share of people. It looks like this bar won’t be leaving anytime soon, and rightfully so.
  1. Paramount Neon Sign
paramount-custom-neon-sign-usa The Paramount Theater has been around for quite a while, having been established in the 1930s. This Oakland Theater is home to a wide variety of shows, from movies to concerts, and ballet shows to standups. The Paramount has seen its fair share of history. What really contributes to the décor of the place though is the large neon sign outside. The combination of the towering letters and the bright splashes of color really give off a striking effect that will definitely be hard to ignore.
  1. Pretty much anything and everything from the Museum of Neon Art
neon-sign-museum If you’re looking for splashy, eye-catching, or memorable neon signs, then any place called “Museum of Neon Art” should be a must-go, right? The MONA or Museum of Neon Art in Glendale was only established quite recently, but has already accumulated a faithful following online. Instagram and other social media platforms are full of photos taken from this museum. Why not give it a visit as soon as you can? Have a Customized Neon Sign in California Made For Your Business Neon signs are eye-catching, memorable, and give off both a modern and retro feel. Your business will certainly benefit from having a neon sign or two outside. Why don’t you inquire today? Make sure you only contact experienced neon sign makers to ensure the best quality of work!