How to Buy a Custom Neon Sign from Neonific

Neon signs have been popping up everywhere lately. From your favorite downtown salon to the gaming room of your favorite YouTuber, neon signs are seeing a resurgence in popularity among Gen Z and Millennials after decades of obscurity.

Most contemporary neon signs are LED neon. These neon signs are fashioned from acrylic, which makes them more energy-efficient, lightweight, and shatter-resistant than traditional neon signs, which were made from fragile glass and used neon gas.

If you’re thinking of purchasing a custom neon sign for personal or business use, you can get yours through Neonific, with our custom neon sign builder. We carry a wide range of LED neon signs in various styles, colors, and sizes. We also allow our customers to customize their neon signs.

Read on to learn more about our neon sign inventory and the neon sign customization process.

​​Where Can You Install Your Custom Neon Sign?

But first, let’s have a quick run-through of some of the different places and applications that would benefit from custom neon signs.

Neon signs for the home

Custom neon signs would look awesome in any room of your home. Possible locations include your bedroom, gaming room, glam room, walk-in closet, living room, recreation room, and home bar. Some people even install neon signs in their bathroom for some unusual and dramatic mood lighting.

Neon signs for business establishments

It goes without saying that custom neon signs would look great in any business establishment. They add character to their surroundings and are a creative way to reinforce your branding. Your neon sign could be your logo or company slogan, and this could be placed in your storefront, in an interior space, or even displayed as outdoor signage.

Neon signs for events, celebrations, and performances

Neon signs add drama and visual energy to events, celebrations, and performances. Custom neon signs can be used for church services, musical and stage performances, company events, weddings, celebrations, and product launches. Clearly, there are no hard and fast rules to using neon signs!

3 Steps to Buy a Custom Neon Sign

Step 1: Figure out what neon sign you want

During the preliminary stage, ask yourself the following questions: How many neon signs would I like to order? What application will these neon signs be used for? Do I want to customize my designs or should I purchase a pre-designed neon sign from Neonific’s collections?

As for budget considerations, note that each neon sign is priced differently, and numerous factors—like quantity, the number of customizations, materials, and size—will determine the final price of your order.

Step 2: Determine your level of customization

When it comes to customizations, three main options are available:

Choose from Our Various Pre-Designed Collections

Here at Neonific, we offer our customers several pre-designed collections: the Pre-Designed Styles, the Stylish Foolish Collection, the Icon Collection, and the Crypto Collection.

Each collection has its own theme. Just browse a collection that you’re interested in, select a product, and choose your customizations. Some collections, like the Pre-Designed Styles, allow you to customize the size and color of each order. Other collections, like the Crypto Collection, only allow you to customize the size.

LED custom neon sign

The quantity of your order and other customizations will determine the base price, and shipping is calculated at checkout.

Create a Custom Neon Sign Using Neonific’s Neon Builder Tool

If you require a higher level of customization, then you can use the Neonific Neon Builder Tool.

This handy tool allows you to customize the following:

  • Your message
  • Font size (we have pre-assigned dimensions)
  • Font style (we have a wide selection for you to choose from)
  • Light color
  • Acrylic backing (e.g. rectangle acrylic, cut around acrylic, base stand)

how to buy a custom neon sign with Neonific

Don’t forget to indicate if your neon sign will be used for indoor or outdoor applications.

Customize Your Design Even Further by Requesting a Quote

If you want an even higher level of neon sign customization—such as having a unique design or business logo made, or using a unique font—then you can request a quote and make your vision come to life.

Using this form, you can add your contact details.

You can also specify the following:

  • Your neon sign’s size (in width)
  • The custom text
  • Special font
  • Color
  • Acrylic backboard
  • Number of lines for the text

For the design, you can upload your rough design on the quote form. This could be a hand-drawn sketch or a computer-generated image (created using Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, or some other design software). Don’t forget to indicate if you want design recommendations.

If you need help in selecting a font style, please visit You’ll get access to numerous font styles, which can be downloaded and used for your designs.

Need tips on how to choose font styles that go with your design? Check out this helpful guide to selecting fonts for your design.

Step 3: Place your order and wait for your delivery

Once your order has been finalized, the team will get to work handcrafting your order. Please wait for 10-15 days for your order to be shipped to your location.

If you have any questions or concerns, please send us a message.

We hope that this guide has given you a good idea on how to buy a custom neon sign, what to keep in mind, and some best practices when it comes to building your custom neon sign.

If you want to compare some of the best places to get your neon sign made, keep your eyes peeled for our new blog post, coming soon, that will be discussing where to buy a custom neon sign.