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Do you want to highlight your store's name brightly so that people can locate it from a distance? Or maybe give a different light setting at your wedding venue? With Neonific, the best neon sign maker online, you have tons of options to play with light colors and designs. Most importantly, they are highly cost-effective when you compare them with traditional neon signs or even gas neon lights. They can dramatically improve the lighting of any room, store, wedding venue, and corporate events.

Online Neon Sign Maker

Nowadays, you can order customized neon signs and get them delivered right at your footsteps. We, at Neonific, can make that happen. Our store provides a variety of neon signs with different color combinations, sizes, and styles. We only provide LED neon signs and not the ones made from gas. This makes our signs long-lasting without you paying significantly more. Our neon signs have already made their way in front and inside of departmental stores, corporate parties, wedding receptions, and various other events.

LED neon signs highlight the message you want to convey to everyone. Whether it is your store name or a simple "Newly Married" sign, you can trust our LED neon lights to create a long-lasting impression on others.

Why LED Neon Signs?

Our LED signs come in multiple colors, styles, and different sizes. We believe that first impressions last the longest. Therefore, we don’t compromise on the quality of the light or their longevity. If you have any specific neon sign in mind, feel free to share it with your number-one neon sign maker online. We will make sure that our designers handcraft the design within a few days.

With LED neon signs, you can make a difference in lighting options wherever you want to install them. In fact, our LED neon signs come with a plethora of benefits.

1. Brilliant Color And Brightness

LED lights are usually brighter than regular lights. But our LED neon signs take brightness to the next level. It's not that you won't be able to stare at the light because of its ultra-brightness. We make sure that our signs create an ambient glow so that your eyes don’t feel strained while looking at them. Most importantly, the brightness of our LED neon signs doesn't deteriorate over time. They stay as it is even after five years. Therefore, if you want to light up your storefront with an LED neon sign, feel free to contact Neonific.

Apart from the brightness, our neon signs are also some of the most colorful lights you will ever come across. From plain white to aqua blue, you can order whatever color you want at Neonific. Our unique designing and coloring process ensures that we meet your demands accurately every time. Since our LED signs are bright and colorful, you can locate them from a long distance.

2. Energy-Efficient Lighting

It is not a secret that LED lights consume less energy than traditional lights. Our LED neon signs also follow the same formula. They hardly consume a significant amount of energy. You will be able to save a lot if you switch from traditional lights to LED neon signs. We believe it is an ideal substitute for storefronts. If you have traditional light bulbs or signs to indicate your store name, we feel you should go for a change. After all, when you can save a lot on electric bills by investing a few bucks, why not take the initiative and bring the change right away?

Moreover, just because LED neon signs consume less energy doesn’t mean they don’t create a brighter image. It is a win-win for you from various aspects. First, you can save on energy bills in the years to come. Second, you get a brighter and more colorful sign than before. You don’t have to sacrifice the brightness by cutting down the operational costs. Our LED neon signs save 75% less energy than traditional lights. Now the decision is yours.

3. Long-Lasting Signs

It is true that LED lights cost more than traditional lights. But you should consider LED lights as a one-time investment. Or at least you don’t have to change the lights in the next five to ten years. In fact, once you invest in our LED neon signs, you don’t have to think of buying other lights soon.

We understand that replacing signs is costly and time-consuming. No one would want to climb a ladder and fix the lights whenever one of them blows off. Plus, if you already use a customized sign, you may want to change the light right away. An incomplete sign looks horrible, something that you may see in horror movies with broken-down motels.

With our LED neon signs, you don’t need to worry about changing the lights frequently. They don’t go off unless there is a power outage. You can count on our LED neon signs to last for years. In fact, some may even last for a decade or more if you use them carefully. Like gas neon signs that had the risk of gas leakage, our LED neon signs don’t run into such troubles. This means they won’t become dim after a few years like gas neon bulbs.

4. Lightweight Designs

Most people think that neon signs are heavy. It would take ten people to lift the sign and a few more to install it. You wouldn’t say the same thing if you order from Neonific, your neon sign maker online. Our LED neon lights are extremely lightweight. They are not as thick and hefty as you think. Since we handcraft each and every light, we follow a unique manufacturing process that doesn’t make them heavy. Unlike gas neon lights that not only looked big but also weighed heavily, our lights belong to a different category altogether.

Depending on the design you send us, the signs may look big but we promise they won’t weigh a lot. The biggest advantage for us is we don’t use the heavy glass tubes as in gas neon signs. Those lights made the signs bulky. Our glass tubes are much thinner compared to the bulky glass tubes in traditional lights and gas neon signs. Therefore, you can expect bright and bold signs but they won’t weigh a lot. That means you will not have to worry about installing them.

5. Lighting Versatility

You can use our LED neon signs in almost any place you want. We can provide animated, fading, color-changing, and flashing neon signs at affordable prices.

Order Your LED Neon Sign Today

As the leading neon sign maker online, we want you to go through a hassle-free experience when it comes to ordering from our store. We know that you may have doubts before ordering LED neon signs online, but we want you to take that leap of faith and trust us. It is our promise not to screw things up because our reputation depends on your hands.

1. Request Your Neon Sign Quotation

We request you to fill out a form if you want to know the quotation for your customized neon sign. Make sure you fill out the details carefully. In addition to your name and email address, we want you to share a few other details, such as:

  • Text that would appear on the neon sign
  • Size of the sign
  • Any specific font you have in mind for the sign
  • Color of the sign
  • Type of acrylic backboard you want behind the sign
  • The number of lines in which you want the text to appear

We promise to get back to you within 24 hours with a quotation after receiving these details. Feel free to compare our quotation with any other neon sign maker online. We are confident that you will consider us, especially if you compare the quality and price of the signs.

2. Manufacturing Your Sign

Once we receive your confirmation, we will proceed to develop a 3D image of your sign. Our designers carefully go through the edges and turns to make sure they develop the most accurate replica of the sample you sent. Neonific doesn’t compromise when it comes to the quality of LED neon signs. Our developers iron-finish all your custom signs to make sure they last for years. They will send you a prototype of your design so that you can give us a signal to proceed. If you want any changes, feel free to contact us immediately.

With a team of highly experienced designers and developers, we believe that you won’t regret selecting us as your neon sign maker. Our entire team wants to maintain the reputation of Neonific for years.

3. Shipping Your Sign

We will ship your LED neon sign as soon as we provide finishing touches to it. It usually takes approximately 10 to 20 days for us to deliver the sign at your doorstep. We provide you text messages once your neon sign is out for delivery.

Now that you know why our LED neon signs are so popular, we want you to place your order soon. Let us light up your store or social event in style.