Where to Buy a Custom Neon Sign

After decades of obscurity, neon signs have seen a recent resurgence in popularity, with Pinterest calling neon signs as one of its top trends for 2022. The pandemic has only increased the demand for custom neon signs since many people were stuck at home and wanted to personalize their home offices and living spaces with vibrant lighting and design.

Many suppliers saw the opportunity, and a quick Google of “custom neon signs” will yield millions of results. But if you want a durable, well-crafted, and energy-efficient LED neon sign made to your exact specifications, which neon sign company should you turn to?

In this article, we’ll provide three viable options if you’re looking for a custom neon sign maker to bring your creative vision to life.

Order premium custom neon signs from Neonific

Neonific was one of the first companies to offer custom LED neon signs to a global client base. We have since worked with renowned brands like Nike, Yves Saint Laurent, and Lululemon.

Aside from carrying our own pre-designed collections, including the Crypto Collection, the Icon Collection, and the Stylist Foolish Collection, Neonific also allows its clients to design their own custom LED neon signs.

Clients can create custom neon signs using the Neon Sign Builder Tool. On top of a custom message, they can also customize the font style, font size, colors, and acrylic type. If the neon sign is meant for outdoor usage, it can even be weatherproofed.

If our clients want to use a unique font style or unique design for their neon sign, they can fill out the Request a Quote form. To learn more about Neonific’s design and order process, check out our article on how to buy a custom neon sign.

Each neon sign comes with the following:

  • A remote control which allows you to switch your neon sign on and off, as well as activate different light settings and brightness levels
  • An LED controller for the remote
  • A power adapter
  • Wall mounting and ceiling suspension kits
Custom neon signs

Buyers are protected by a one year warranty on all electrical components, which means if the sign burns out within a year of purchase, Neonific will replace it free of charge. Neon signs are also replaced free of charge if they arrive broken or defective.

Bring Your Creativity to Life with Custom Neon Signs

LED neon signs are a creative and energy-efficient way to add illumination to your space. They’re durable, long-lasting, and consume much less electricity than other light sources. For example, a neon sign from Neonific should last about 30,000 hours, or five years if kept lit 24/7.

Neon signs can also be personalized and branded, depending on your needs. Artists have even used neon signs as a medium of expression in their installations.

Bring your creativity to life by customizing a neon sign today!